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A Complete Payroll Bureau and HR Solution


We have been providing businesses like yours with dedicated & bespoke Payroll, HR and Company Compliance services for over 20 years.


Our staff have the expertise to deal with all types of queries raised by you and outside organisations such as the Tax Credit Office UK,  The Department for Work & Pensions & Companies House. We are a member of the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals.


We are dedicated to providing tailor made solutions that fit your business, so whether you are a sole trader with just a few staff or a large organisation with many hundred, let us deal with the increasing burden of payroll & company compliance legislation and provide you with the payroll/ compliance department you are looking for.



Establishing a payroll department or simply administering a payroll in-house is a costly and increasingly onerous task. With the increased software costs typically over £1000 per year and ever changing legislation, business owners have realised that it makes good commercial sense to outsource areas of their business such as payroll.


We offer a range of HR Services & Solutions to suite your needs.

Principally we want to protect your business by making sure you are aware of the latest government legislation, thereby letting you spend less time dealing with problem employees and paperwork and more time focusing on your core business and clients.



“A highly efficient company, excellent friendly staff and a pleasure to deal with, which leaves us free to run our business”

Jeff A,  Director, Hyde Manchester.

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